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Click on the button to register a new student into the 17-18 school year or to register a student for 18-19 Kindergarten.


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You will need to bring the following with you to your child's school to complete On-Site Registration. Click here for school contact information.

1. *Online Pre-Registration New Student Application Summary PDF

2. *Proof of Address (utility bill, rental agreement, etc) K-8th Grade ONLY, 9th-12 Do not need to bring this.

3. *Health form (you can download this now, or pick one up on at school) Click here to download other Medical Forms (Immunization Exemption Forms/Asthma, Seizure Action Plan Forms/Diabetes Health Care Provider Forms, etc)

4. *Proof of ID

5. Free & Reduced Lunch Application (optional) (you can download this now, or pick one up from the school.

6. *Birth Certificate (New Students Only) Click here for information on how to obtain a Birth Certificate.

7. *Home Language Survey form (New Students Only) (you can download this now,  or pick one up from the school.

8. *Educational Eligibility for Household Services (you can download this now,  or pick one up from the school.

9.  Please download the following form: Permission Release Agreement Changes Form


FAQ Help Page

General Questions - 719-276-5700

Application Problems - 719-276-5794

Technical Questions - 719-276-5829 

To be compliant with CDE, the school/district discloses education records, including student discipline records, without consent to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll, or is already enrolled if the disclosure is for purposes of the student’s enrollment or transfer.

El Distrito Escolar ofrece información sin requerir de autorización, a oficiales de otros distritos escolares que soliciten récords, incluyendo de disciplina, de estudiantes aspirantes o ya inscritos en sus distritos, si la información es para propósitos de inscripción o transfer.